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The creative process for this project began within a graduate integrated media course.

The objective was to identify a business that required a rebrand to attract a new wave of clients. After conducting research, I discovered Munchkin, a company that specialized in providing parents with high-quality baby items. During my studies, I examined the various ways in which the company's media was lacking and identified areas where there could be better integration between multiple assets.

Munchkin, like any other company, realized the need to rebrand in order to stay relevant in today's market. The rebrand was aimed at creating a better integration of various media platforms and targeting Gen Z clients. During the rebrand, it was noticed that Munchkin's assets lacked information about their sustainable actions. Therefore, efforts were made to promote their sustainable practices more effectively through various media channels. The primary goals of the rebrand were to develop a rewards app that offers customers more deals and convenience, two things that Gen Z clients value greatly. Additionally, customer reviews were added to prove that Munchkin puts its customers first. All in all, the Munchkin rebrand was a step in the right direction, and it has helped the company stay relevant and connected with its target audience.

munchin mockup.png

I designed a set of icons for Munchkin to use in various marketing techniques, providing the consumers with information on multiple certifications, sustainable action, and item classification. These icons serve as a secondary set of icons for the brand and are intended to be used in conjunction with existing branding assets. 

new part 8-17.jpg

Made of Recyclable Materials

Sustainable Products

Bath/Hygiene Products

Children's Toys

Children's Clothing Products

Cruelty-Free Certification

Items targeted to mothers

Utensils/Feeding Products

The rewards app was designed with the aim of providing Munchkin's customers with a platform to conveniently access other customers' reviews and earn points for future discounts on their preferred products.

new part 8-35.jpg

Apart from the rewards app, the website redesign focused on several areas of the site that lacked consistency. The goal was to achieve seamless integration between the website and the app, while also continuing to promote customer reviews and Munchkin's global initiatives.

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