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Tools:                         Time Constraints:

Figma                               4 Weeks 

Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator


Logo Design

Brand Design

Hi-Fidelity- Lo-Fidelity Wireframe




Poppy is a start up company targeted to late teens to early twenties. The goal was to create a site that not only appealed to the company’s age demographic but was also user friendly. I began my process with a basic ecommerce wireframe and then researched the best way to visually communicate the company’s message.  


In addition to the creating the mobile app, I also design the logo and established branding guidelines.  My goal was to create a lively, vibrant logo that would appeal and reflect Poppy’s audience. The logo is hand drawn and uses an array of colorful to have an organic, elated feel. Throughout this process, I was able to find more ways to visually communicate through design and how to make a mobile design as efficient as possible.

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