Hi! I'm an designer  merging traditional art with fashion design. Duality has always played a role throughout my art. My art is often divided into two categories my fashion design and my illustrations. As an artist, I hope for all my pieces evoke emotion and although I believe both my designs and illustrations accomplish this, the feelings they express are separate


I choose to focus on sustainability in my fashion design. As my interest in garment

construction grew, I also came to learn the harmful effects fashion has on the environment. The industry alone contributes to the majority of ocean pollution and landfill waste. Aware of its impact, I choose to upcycle items and fabric before purchasing new materials. I hope to promote sustainable living in my art and show others what they create with items they already own. In contrast to my fashion design, I focus on emotions in my illustrations. I use bright colors and create unique characters to contrast the sometime unusual subject matter.  My drawings, like my clothing, attempt to evoke thought from my viewers.


As I grow as an artist, I wish to keep exploring both medias and how they could work together. I hope for others to acknowledge their similarities and how they both are important in understanding my work.