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Tools:                         Time Constraints:

Adobe XD                        4 Weeks 

Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator


Logo Design

Brand Design

Hi-Fidelity- Lo-Fidelity Wireframe




   I began Baker and Carol Soap Company as a solo design project after noticing the lack of ecommerce sites in my area. I saw a multiple local businesses lacking an online presence or having inefficient ecommerce sites for their customers. Baker and Carol Soap Company is a project I began that would appeal to my area’s clientele. The target audience for this company are people in their late twenties through forties who are eco-friendly consumers. When creating the branding, I wanted to keep the typography and color palette neutral to give an inviting and natural feel to the brand. Throughout this project, I learned the importance of establishing a branding guidelines and apps for an array of audiences.

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