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Tools:                         Time Constraints:

Adobe InDeisgn                7 Weeks 

Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator


Logo Design

Brand Design

Product Design

Social Media


Nobi was a collaborative project created with two other designers. The goal of this collaboration was to create a company which took a different approach to sex stores. We researched various markets and surveyed our desired target audience and discovered a need for a revolutionized sex store.  Our team noticed that our desired clientele (18+) were often put off by sex stores, seeing them as bleak.   Our goal is to create Nobi, a sex store designed to be inviting while being discrete.

When establishing our branding, we wanted to have a sleek, modern design while still being playful. Our aim was to create a brand which carried our customers’ desired products while giving them confidenity and feel secure in their purchases. Throughout the project, I enjoyed collaborating with other designers and the importance of expressing your brand’s message through design.

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