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nobi button mockup.png

Nobi was the result of a collaborative project with two other designers. Our primary objective was to create an adult store that took a different approach to the market. We conducted extensive research, surveyed our target audience, and identified a need for a revolutionized adult store. Our team noticed that our desired clientele (18+) often felt uncomfortable or put off by traditional adult stores, which were perceived as bleak and uninviting. We created Nobi, an adult store that was designed to be both inviting and discreet.


During the branding phase, we aimed to create a sleek and modern design while maintaining a playful touch. Our ultimate goal was to build a brand that offered our customers the desired products while also providing them with confidentiality and security in their purchases. Throughout the project, I enjoyed collaborating with other designers and learned the importance of conveying a brand's message through design.

nobi logossss.png
nobi card mockup.jpg
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